Behavior Modification

Our WAVES Behavior Modification Program leads students to increased independence and responsibility.

We believe that change occurs in waves, one step at a time. We start wave2_waves_smalltop-01by tackling the first wave and move on from there.

The WAVES of Change Plan has four main components:

  • Long Term Goal Setting
  • Functional Assessment
  • Proactive Behavior Support Plan
  • Course Completion, Graduation & Transition Plan


Wellness  |  Achievement  |  Values  |  Enjoyment  |  Self-Esteem

Wellness Groups

To support the school’s commitment to overall personal wellness on campus, students’ group counseling targets specific areas of need in one of the following dimensions:

Emotional Wellness – Dealing with adversity, accepting limitations, controlling or coping with negative thoughts
and feelings, maintaining emotional stability, expressing emotions appropriately and having a positive attitude.

Social Wellness – Promoting positive relationships, resolving conflicts, understanding cultural differences and
respecting diversity, reaching out to others for help, showing gratitude, generosity and empathy and using
technology/social media responsibly.

Physical Wellness – Engaging in physical activity and fitness, maintaining proper nutrition, developing a healthy
self-image and self-esteem, managing stress, practicing good sleep hygiene and understanding the dangers of
substance use or abuse.

Counseling Program Model and Services

Students at Beach Cities Learning participate in the DIS counseling program, with a focus on addressing social, emotional and behavioral functioning that negatively affects academic progress. The counseling program also supports students’ development of long-term academic, vocational goals and independent living skills.

Most students receive 60 minutes per week of individual counseling and 60 minutes per week of small group from a certified professional.